The businesses that we enjoy visiting the Hudson Valley are often places that we look forward to spending time in. Whether it's a local coffee shop, an eatery or a place of other services, Hudson Valley businesses bring the community together.

A Hudson Valley business is getting recognition for being friendly.

One Of America's Friendliest Golf Courses Is RIght Here In The Hudson Valley

This golf course is recognized as being "Sullivan County's Oldest Golf Course."

The Roscoe Mountain Club is located on 1,000 acres including over 23 rooms in their retreat. This business is open year round, bringing together all age groups.

Their happy customers made it possible to be now known for being a friendly place to visit in the Hudson Valley.

Roscoe Mountain Club Is One Of The Friendliest Golf Courses In America

Roscoe Mountain Club shared exciting news on their social media.

"We're beyond excited to share that we've been named one of America's Top 25 Friendliest Public Golf Courses - Golfers' Choice 2024! 🎉🏌️‍♂️"

In this post, Roscoe Mountain Club also mentioned that “warmth and friendship” is what guests can expect on their visits to their location.

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Foodies Can Dine At The Highest Point In Sullivan County, NY With Breathtaking Views

The Roscoe Mountain Club is located in Roscoe, NY. This golf course and country club is not only known for being one of the friendliest golf courses in America but also known for more.

The Roscoe Mountain Club is, 

"highest point in Sullivan County you’re treated to some of the most breathtaking panoramic views and sunsets that you just can’t see anywhere else. "

Guests can experience dinner with beautiful views at their restaurant on site, The 1907. Full menu options and bar along with their executive chef, Oscar Vargas are many reasons why foodies travel here.

The Roscoe Mountain Club is open Wednesday through Sunday.

Their breakfast, lunch and dinner options and hours can be found on their website. Reservations are recommended to dine at The 1907.

What Hudson Valley business do you find to be the friendliest in the area? Will you visit The Roscoe Mountain Club in Sullivan County, NY?

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