Officials are shutting down a number of beaches in the Hudson Valley and other parts of the state.

This is terrible timing with the Hudson Valley in the midst of another heat wave mixed with higher humidity than most of the planet!

Harmful Alga Bloom Closes 6 Putnam County Beaches

Massive Algae Blooms Continue To Plague Florida's Atlantic Coast
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The following beaches are closed in Putnam County due to "harmful alga bloom."

  • Barger Pond Beach
  • Carraras Beach
  • Jackson Beach
  • North Beach
  • Singers Beach
  • Warren Beach

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Beaches Closed In Westchester County, Rockland County

Florida Declares State Of Emergency Over Toxic Algae Bloom From Lake Okeechobee
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Lake Welch in Harriman State Park is also closed due to "Harmful Algal Bloom," according to the Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation database.

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The Mohegan Colony Association and Mohegan Beach Park District on Mohegan Lake are shut until further notice. County health officials say for the beaches to be reopened, the algae must be completely cleared from the swim area.

Meanwhile, other beaches in New York State are closed due to bacteria, algae or "fecal waste"

Beaches Closed On Long Island, Alleghany County, Tompkins County

Blue-green Algae Blooms At Dianchi Lake In Kunming

Long Point State Park on Chautauqua Lake in Alleghany County and Taughannock Falls State Park on Cayuga Lake in Tompkins County are also closed due to "harmful algal bloom."

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Suffolk County officials closed Bayport Beach in Bayport and Tanner Park Beach in Copiague because the bacteria levels were higher than what is considered acceptable.

Beaches In & Near New York Closed Over 'Fecal Bacteria' Warnings

New York Beaches Will Reopen Next Week With Face Covering Rules
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Beaches in New York, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey were closed or under advisories after "each reported unsafe levels of fecal waste at certain beaches" on or around July 4, according to NBC

In New York, several beaches, including Douglaston Manor, Gerritsen/Kiddie Beach, Schuyler Hill Civic Association and the Whitestone Booster Civic Association, dealt with advisories for bacteria levels, the NYC Beach Water Quality database reported during the holiday weekend.

Around 100 Beaches Closed

Gold Coast Beaches Closed Following Fatal Shark Attack At Greenmount Beach
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According to NBC, officials in at least 10 states closed beaches or warned people not to swim in the water.

Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey and New York have all reported unsafe levels of waste at certain beaches. High bacteria levels have also been reported at beaches in California, Iowa, Massachusetts, Vermont and Virginia.

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