Whenever I have to travel, I try to always take the scenic route. That is, of course, if time isn't an issue and traffic doesn't seem too miserable.

And I did just that this weekend!

Vermont Road Trip Leads to Unique NY Find

Last Friday I hit the road right after work and hightailed it out of the Hudson Valley. I was heading to a girl's weekend trip to Vermont. Before I left, I did a GPS search and saw a few different routes to get to where I needed to be.

Should I take I-84 and drive through Connecticut and Massachusetts? OR should I take the scenic route through Upstate, New York?

Backroads it is!

My travels took me from Poughkeepsie to Hoosick Falls, New York. It was an adorable little town with general stores and farmland for miles. The small-town vibe put me in a great mood. As I was driving along I saw this on my right-hand side:

Google Maps
Google Maps

Moose and bears are normal in New York, but it's not every day you see a Gorilla on the side of the road, so it caught me off guard. The Gorilla is super random, especially after I learned this business is called Big Moose Deli.

Big Moose Deli Grabs Drivers Attention From All Over

Since I wasn't expecting to see such a sight on my trip, I didn't have the time to pull over and explore. But a quick Google search has me planning out my next trip.

According to Yelp reviews, Big Moose Deli is lined floor to ceiling with trinkets and souvenirs more on the Vermont side of things. Hoosick, NY is right on the border of Vermont and New York, so it makes sense.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's definitely a tourist attraction, but not a great spot for food, as one Yelp review writes:

Fun place to walk around if you need to stretch your legs before the rest of you drive!
Very touristy but prices were reasonable if you wanted to pick something up.
Not many food options if that is what you are stopping for.


What I think gets the attention of most drivers are the several large and random statues of animals. From what I saw, there was a Gorilla, Moose, Cow, Turtle and even a gnome, I think, painted in cow print, that could make for a fun photo op on your next road trip.  I also think there was a part of a plane...

Google Maps
Google Maps

But don't plan on using the bathroom at Big Moose Deli, a handful of reviews state there are no public restrooms.

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