Residents in LaGrange, New York are speaking out saying "NO" to a proposed gas station and store on this property on Route 82.

A developer in the Dutchess County town of LaGrange has submitted plans that if approved could bring a new gas station and store to a highly traveled portion of Route 82. The plans submitted by Red Wing Properties are requesting a "change of zone" from the Town of LaGrange Town Board and if the board grants the change it could clear the path for a new gas station.

Route 82 Gas Station LaGrange
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New Gas Station in Lagrange, New York

Red Wing Properties is proposing a new gas station for the property at 2292 Route 82 in LaGrangeville, NY. Currently, the whole site isn't zoned for commercial businesses which is why they have submitted a change of zone application with the town. According to documents, developers are asking the town to change the site "zone" to commercial to allow a commercial business to build on the 1-acre of property.

Gas Station LaGrange
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LaGrange Residents "Fuming" Over Proposal

Once plans were submitted to the town area residents expressed strong opposition to a new gas station by launching a website and asking other residents to visit and join them in telling the town board members,

"Say NO to yet another Gas Station in LaGrangeville we do not need!"


The website, LaGrange Can Do Better explains the familiar situation for residents in LaGrange and says a new gas station would bring problems to the town that they aren't interested in having including a revolving door of fuel tanker refill trucks, delivery trucks, and cars, along with fumes, gas spills and more. Organizers of the site say that people move to areas, (like Lagrange) and open businesses based on the current zoning and are hoping the Town doesn't approve the rezoning.

"Why would homes and businesses within a mile of this new proposal want the risk of fuel trucks, cars, fumes, and spills in their neighborhood? Enough is enough, we do not need to rezone land for more gas stations!"


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If you are against the new gas station in Lagrange organizers are asking that you go to their website and fill out the online form that will show your opposition and once it's completed it will be sent directly to the LaGrange Town Board.

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