Let's face it Summer 2024 could be the season of the budget. As much as we want to do things we may have to think about how much it will cost.

Don't let your budget spoil summer's fun. You can often create excitement close to home that can save money. If you are struggling to afford the big summer trip here is an idea. why not plan a smaller trip out of town and another for the backyard?

How to Save Money and Have Fun this Sumer in the Hudson Valley

Some of my favorite summer vacations were the ones that involved no packing and lots of friends. Why not turn your backyard into a campground that you can travel to without the gas prices and overpriced food?

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Young or old planning a camping trip to your yard can be fun. When was the last time you put a fire pit in your yard and spent a night under the stars in your yard? No travel, no traffic and if you need them the creature comforts of home are a doorstep away.

What You Need for Backyard Camping

You will need to do a little planning or else the family may feel slighted. Figure out a way to show a movie on the side of the house or a makeshift screen. Make it a summer horror classic. Rent equipment you don't have like a bounce house or a popcorn maker.

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You want to invite friends to join the fun and be sure you get all your camping food favorites. You might even want to leave a little in the budget to pay someone to clean up after all you are on staycation.

Backyard Camping Ideas That Will Make Your Neighbors Wish They Were Invited

Hudson Valley Backyard Camping Essentials

Camping in the backyard has come a long way since I was a kid but the basics haven't changed a bit.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn

Hudson Valley New York Camping Resorts

The Hudson Valley is a camping destination for so many people including those of us who live locally. It is a great way to have a summer vacation every weekend close to home. Many places offer a seasonal rate for you to save money on your stay. You pull the trailer in for the summer and park it for the season which is usually May to October. The resorts we found offer family fun amenities and a season full of exciting activities.

Gallery Credit: Paty Quyn