It's not every day you hear about a horse complication in the sky. We're not horsin' around either.

According to Business Insider and other media outlets a plane leaving from JFK Airport in New York heading to Liege, Belgium had to return shortly after takeoff.

Business Insider writes:

Air Atlanta Icelandic flight 4592 took off at 2.30 p.m on November 9 on its way to Liege, Belgium.


The Boeing 747 climbed to about 31,000 feet when a pilot called air traffic control to say that a horse had escaped from its stall and that they needed to return to JFK.

Audio from the flight was released and went viral on social media naturally, and in the recording, you can hear the pilot explain to air traffic control:

"We are a cargo plane with a live animal, a horse, on board the airplane. And the horse managed to escape his stall.

The pilot later asks if they can call a vet in as the horse was "in difficulty." We asked our resident equestrian expert (who has flown from Chicago to New York with a horse in cargo) what this could mean and they explained to us in short the horse probably freaked out during take-off and maybe broke the stall.

While making the return the flight, as reported by Business Insider, had to " dump fuel over the Atlantic to be able to land safely." It's later confirmed in the flight audio that the plane dumped "20 tonnes of fuel."

Listen to the full audio of the flight call below:

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