Apparently, New York state does not like something about Pepsi. A lawsuit was filed this week in New York state against one of the world's largest beverage corporations, according to Reuters.

PepsiCo, which is headquartered in Harrison, NY, also owns a number of other well known snack and beverage brands such as Cheetos, Doritos, Gatorade, Mountain Dew, and Quaker.

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New York State Sues Pepsi 

Reuters is reporting that New York state sued PepsiCo, accusing the company of "polluting the environment and endangering public health through its single-use plastic bottles, caps and wrappers."

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The New York Post says that the suit, which was filed in Erie County, is one of the first by a state to target a major plastics producer.

The lawsuit, filed by the Office of New York Attorney General Letitia James, claims the bottles and bags from Pepsi products are clogging the Buffalo River, "threatening both human health and wildlife'. The suit accuses the soda giant of being the "single largest identifiable contributor" to the current situation.

CBS News says that the lawsuit calls for PepsiCo and its subsidiaries, to clean up the mess, which they claim has contaminated the drinking water supply in the City of Buffalo.

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Soda Truck Crash in the Hudson Valley

Speaking of soda cans making a mess, remember this story from 2022?

Westchester County Police say a truck 45 thousand pounds of soda crashed into the northbound side of the King Street bridge on the Hutchinson River Parkway.

And it wasn't the first time either. Nearly the exact same scenario took place in February 2021. The Westchester County Police Department shared on their Facebook page that day, that a truck hit the very same bridge, causing a large amount of aluminum cans to spill all over the Hutch.

From the posted pictures on Facebook, you can see hundreds of cans strewn all over the road, causing heavy delays. It almost appears to be cans of Coca Cola at first glance, though a few commenters claim it's Mountain Dew Kickstart.

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