An Upstate New York brewery has taken over an abandoned elementary school and beer lovers are losing their minds.

You might think that a grammar school is a strange place to go to grab a pint, but brewer Brad Kennedy says it's a "no-brainer". The co-owner of K2 Brothers Brewing told the Wayne Times that when he and his brother heard an abandoned elementary school was available to purchase they jumped at the chance to convert it into a brewery.

Walworth, New York School Transformed Into Brewery

Freewill Elementary School shut down in 2017 and sat vacant for six years. The Walworth, New York building was finally purchased by K2 Brothers Brewing and opened for the first time last month.

The building's "school vibe" was maintained, allowing customers to get on the lunch line and grab a tray of food to enjoy in the cafeteria. Everything from the hallway drinking fountains to the gymnasium basketball court has been restored and is available for visitors to enjoy.

According to News 10, the drinking hall also features a brand-new bar, an auditorium stage for live music and classic video games. One of the school's gymnasiums serves as K2's brewery and will remain off-limits to guests.

Visitors Flocking to K2 Brothers Brewing

The elementary school brewery is drawing visitors from near and far to grab some food from the lunch line and drink beer in the hallways while reliving their childhood.

Videos have started to appear on TikTok from people checking out the new elementary school-themed brewery. They show customers drinking beer in the school's hallway, playing pool in a classroom and shooting baskets in the gymnasium.

The brewery's tap system has been built right into the lunch line, so customers can line up for a pint. K2 has also upgraded the old cafeteria kitchen to whip up more than just sloppy joe sandwiches. Video menus in the lunch room list rotating tap selections as well as meatball sliders, Philly cheesesteaks and risotto.

Visiting K2 Brothers Brewing in Walworth, NY

If you want to check out this unique brewery for yourself, you'll have to travel to the Rochester area of New York. K2 Brothers Brewing's original taproom is on Empire Blvd in Rochester. The elementary school brewery is located at 4320 Canandaigua Rd. in Walworth, New York.

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