Commuters who rely on trains to get them to work had a rude awakening on this Monday morning. Last night just before 9 pm, a press release from Amtrak confirmed that the Amtrak line between New York City and Croton-Harmon would be temporarily shut down.

Reason for Amtrak Line Suspension

According to the Amtrak press release, safety concerns are at the center of this temporary suspension of the line. Specifically, it was stated that structural issues appear to be present at a non-Amtrak, privately owned building that lies above the Empire Line tracks in New York City.

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Early reports this morning from multiple sources discovered that the apparent structural issue stemmed from the Hudson View Garage that lies above the tracks on West 51st St. between 10th and 11th Avenues. According to ABC 7, that same garage has been closed since Friday due to emergency repairs and will remain closed until further notice.

The article also states that once the structural issues were detected, the Department of Buildings engineers were immediately contacted, arrived on the scene, and began issuing "work orders" to address the garage's structural issues.

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The Mayor's Office released a statement on the situation which stated...

We will continue to work around the clock to protect public safety and maintain regular communication with riders...

Traveling Changes Due to Line Shut Down

As one can imagine, a number of changes and adjustments have needed to be made to accommodate the line suspension. For starters trains 233, 234, 235, and 237, as well as trains 240, 241, 244, and 280 have all been cancelled. It was also stated that trains number 49 and number 69 will now be "originating" from Albany.

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A plethora of other trains also had their plans changed as trains 63, 64, 232, 236, 238, 239, 243, 281, 283, 284 and lastly, 294 will all either be originating or ending at Croton-Harmon (CRT).

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While Amtrak and proper authorities continue to deal with the issue at hand, they are also advising riders particularly those traveling to Albany that they should take the Metro North to Croton-Harmon and then switch over at that location to Amtrak in order to reach the state capital.

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