To get in the mood for Halloween, Burger King is bringing back a "ghostly" menu item to their New York state locations. But while some may associate things like ghosts and spirits from beyond the grave with the cold, the fast food chain's returning option is made with one of the hottest peppers on Earth.

How Many Burger Kings Are in New York State?

As many fast food franchises continue to tinker with their menus to meet growing demand, New Yorkers are given quite a few more choices on where to go. Ever wondered how many Burger King locations are in New York state?

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The website Stacker compiled a list of the most common fast food chains in New York using data from the Friendly City Lab at Georgia Tech. These numbers were taken from info provided in 2021, so a few of the details could be a little off, given how many restaurants came and went during COVID times.

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According to these numbers, there are 355 Burger King restaurants in New York state.

Burger King Brings Back Ghost Pepper Whopper

Food & Wine says that Burger King will bring back the Ghost Pepper Whopper Friday, October 13 to locations across New York and nationwide.

The spicy hot Halloween-themed item will make its return since it was last seen in 2022, comes with "spicy queso, crispy jalapeños, bacon, and ghost pepper cheese on top between two toasted orange buns."

The franchise will also offer their brand new Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries, which will be available in four, eight, and 12 pieces, with a choice of dipping sauce, according to Food & Wine. 

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