Cliche, maybe, but a small act of kindness can certainly go a long way.

I'm not sure what got into me this year, but I am about 75% done with my holiday shopping and it isn't even Thanksgiving yet. Last weekend I started 'adding to cart' and before I knew it, I had crossed off a majority of the names on my shopping list.

All of this online shopping has led to a parade of deliveries to my front door over the past few days, so I wanted to do a little something to thank the people who are no doubt just starting what will be an insanely busy delivery season.

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Aaron P. Bernstein

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Proof: Simple Act Of Kindness Goes A Long Way With Hudson Valley Delivery Drivers

While I was on maternity leave after having my daughter in 2015 I saw something on Pinterest about making a little goodie basket and leaving it outside during the holidays for delivery drivers. Naturally, my hormones and I had to make the biggest and best display to put outside the house for the numerous deliveries I was receiving on a regular basis. I'm trying to find the photo proof from nine Christmases ago, but I went all out with a glue gun and homemade ribbons and bows to show my appreciation.

Though my ability to create a beautiful display has lessened over the years, I still try to put out some goodies this time of year to thank the delivery drivers, and on Monday morning after spending a fortune online shopping over the weekend, put out my first basket.

blue basket with bottled water and snacks in it on a maroon rug

This is the first year I've had cameras on my house, and I caught the sweetest thing from an Amazon driver Monday afternoon after he noticed the basket and grabbed a snack:

I had my daughter write a little note this year to say thanks, and she helped me fill the basket with some extra lunchbox snacks like chips and peanut butter crackers along with a few bottles of water and those disposable hand warmers. After I explained to her why we were doing this, she informed me that maybe I should stop ordering so much stuff (that's my kid for ya), but then offered to donate some Halloween candy to the cause.

It isn't much, but the video above is proof that even the little things can mean a lot. To our Hudson Valley delivery drivers, thank you for all you do....and sorry for all the packages heading to Wappingers.

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