Hey, you're Keepin' Company w/ Conor, and thank you for checking out another Townsquare Spotlight! Today, we are shedding some light on local Hudson Valley author Bree L Taylor. She is the author of the new book, "Walking in her Own Shoes." We discuss the novel, her faith which inspired her to write, and some of the amazing and unbelievable true stories that made their way into the book!

About the Book, "Walking in Her Own Shoes"

Ariana through her childhood, and maturing through her teens, until she married, was the product of two controlling parents, who loved through discipline and molding their children, into who they wanted them to be, leaving no room for individuality. As she matures, she fights her way through obstacles, coming to terms with who she is and what her purpose is in the vast canvas of her life. That journey cost her in both sad and wonderful ways. She longs to discover who she is and where in life she needs to be.

About the Author - Bree L Taylor

Bree L. Taylor believes the day and age in which we live, almost every person you meet is going through some kind of trial or disappointing family situation. The world itself, is in a difficult place, her character’s journey is extraordinary and her will to persevere and succeed through faith is remarkable. As she matures, she realizes many of the “whys” which have brought her through each trial. Her path also crosses others that have had obstacles to overcome and sometimes those trials cost them – turning the course of their lives.


Bree’s travels have allowed her to study those she has met not only here but abroad; from entrepreneurs to hardworking folks making ends meet, and witnessing their uphill climb. She has spoken with professionals whose job it is to help others when their life becomes too hard for them to deal with both physically and emotionally. The embodiment of her work takes into account all that she has gleaned from these experiences. She has also has faith in what a greater force than man can, and is willing, to do.

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